Customizable Hotkeys and more

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- September 1st, 2021 -

First things first: we’re happy to introduce you to our first employee Tobias who joined our team end of August. Off to a great start, the credit for our latest feature is all his!

Introducing customizable hotkeys

You know what’s even better than hotkeys? Customizable hotkeys.

Many of you requested this feature, and it has now finally arrived. Customizing the hotkeys helps power users become even more efficient when labeling large datasets. It also comes in handy when migrating from another labeling solution.

You can tweak the hotkeys entirely to your personal preferences, or simply select a preset from the list. Let us know if there’s any specific preset you’d like us to include!

⭐️ New features and improvements

  • The category editor is drastically improved, making it easier to add categories, object-level attributes and image-level attributes by point-and-click. The raw editor is of course also still available, and is synced automatically with the visual editor.
  • When working with multiple label sets, the image comparison page has been improved: it loads faster, has previous/next buttons, and lets you choose between coloring by instance or category.
  • You can now enable or disable the skip button in the dataset settings, for both the labeling and the reviewing workflow.
  • We got the process started for getting ISO27001 certified. We expect to obtain our certification by end of this year.

🔨 Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with empty objects not being deleted after fully removing their mask with the eraser.
  • Fixed bug with brightness and opacity sometimes resetting.
  • Fixed bug with instance coloring when label contains instance id 0.

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