Better Reviewing and QA with Issues

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- July 1st, 2021 -

This month, saw lots of improvements regarding labeling functionality, developer experience and documentation. Our highlight in this update is the release of a much-requested feature to keep track of issues.

🔎 Issues functionality

With this new feature, reviewers can create an issue when they discover labeling mistakes in an image. If the image is rejected, it gets sent back to the original labeler who can see the feedback, correct the mistake, and optionally leave a reply.

Labelers can also create an issue to ask questions. This allows for efficient back-and-forth communication between labelers and reviewers.

Reviewers and admins can resolve issues, and see a list of all open and resolved issues on the issues tab.

⭐️ Other features and improvements

  • Image- and object-level attributes now support different field types (text, numeric, checkbox, select) and are now enabled in all labeling interfaces
  • On the overview tab, labelers and reviewers can now see their own timings and metrics
  • You can now change the label status of images in bulk
  • You can now add custom category colors
  • You can now see at a glance who has labeled an image and when
  • A confirmation dialog now pops up when deleting an image
  • Labels that are rejected in the reviewing workflow are now sent back to the original label creator
  • Performance of some API endpoints is improved, leading to faster load times
  • Python SDK:

🔨 Bug fixes

  • Label progress bar displayed NaN when dataset was empty
  • Insights section on overview tab sometimes displayed empty statistics
  • Repeatedly and quickly pressing the submit button resulted in a crash
  • A wrong number of collaborators was sometimes being displayed

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