Ethical Human-in-the-loop processes

Ethical on-demand workforce management platform for all your digital tasks.
Isahit is the most advanced ethical on-demand workforce management platform on the market.

We build, train, and deploy a personalized and diverse workforce for our clients’ digital projects. A true innovation in the crowdsourcing and data annotation market, we serve over 350 clients.

Our clients, coming from various backgrounds, rely on our community of over 1,000 women in more than 30 countries, including France, to train their AI, clean their data, and thus focus on the core of their business: innovation.

Isahit is a certified B-Corp and is ranked in the top 5% of Worldwide Governance B-Corps.

About Isahit

  • Founded in 2017

  • HQ in France

  • Labeling team size: 1,000+

  • Certifications: SOC 2, BCORP, GDPR

Labeling services