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Ideal for companies building their first datasets with a data-centric approach

$ 9,600 /year

Billed yearly

Includes 3,600 hours/yr of labeling usage (equivalent to $2.67/hour)

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We provide unlimited seats for your engineers, project managers, labeling workforce or customers.

Leverage our API or SDK for your integrations with no limits. Also have a look at our SDK quickstart.

No limit on any uploads

Use images interfaces for bitmap segmentation or bounding boxes, polygons, keypoints and polylines.

Use 3D point cloud interfaces for cuboid labeling or segmentation.

Leverage keyframe interpolation and track IDs in image or point cloud sequences.

Use our proprietary ML-powered labeling tools such as Superpixels and Autosegment.

Set up integration with your AWS, Google or Azure buckets

Upgrade to enable point clouds with unlimited sizes

Upload priorities to indicate which data to label first and upload model predictions to speed up labeling

Use labeling and reviewing workflows, communicate using issues and manage your datasets within your organization

Leverage our experienced workforce to label your data

Get offline help via your preferred channel


Ideal for advanced setups requiring multi-sensor labeling

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Billed yearly

Includes 20,000 hours/yr of labeling usage

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All Team functionality, plus ...

Using our proprietary tiling technology, you can upload point clouds of any size and dynamically merge, visualize and label point clouds simultaneously. Reach out for a demo.

Label 2D and 3D modalities simultaneously. Reach out for examples

Get support from a engineer to set up your integrations and pipelines.

Set up webhooks to listen for events on your account and automate your pipeline.

Get access to fixed metric dashboards leveraging Metabase


Ideal for advanced automation and custom solutions

Custom quote

Billed yearly

Includes +20,000 hours/yr of labeling usage

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All Scale features, plus ...

Use custom interfaces for a new task or data type

Receive support to set up an active learning pipeline or other custom workflows

Have periodical discussions with the team to discuss platform requirements

Receive support to set up advanced integrations

Set up custom contracts and procurement agreements

Set up SSO and MFA leveraging Auth0

Receive continuous support from a engineer dedicated to your projects

Set up custom metric dashboards leveraging Metabase

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Labeling services

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Let us connect you with our expert labeling partners

Leverage scale and expertise to get your data labeled faster. Each workforce has significant expertise with across a variety of projects and workflows. We'll help you onboard the right workforce tailored to your needs and help you set up model-assisted labeling and active learning pipelines.

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Academic program

We’re collaborating with students and researchers worldwide to solve some of the hardest computer vision problems. is 100% free for non-commercial academic use.

Some of our academic users include ...

More questions? offers a data labeling platform for robotics and autonomous vehicle use cases, enabling multi-sensor support including images, point clouds and sequences. allows to quickly iterate between data labeling, model training and failure case discovery through workflows such as model-assisted labeling and active learning. Adjust distribution biases, uncover edge cases, correct labels, investigate image-level model performance and slice the dataset, among many other data and model curation features.

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We support point cloud annotations (cuboid, segmentation and polylines) and image annotations (including bounding boxes, polylines, polygons, keypoints and bitmap segmentation including instance and panoptic segmentation). We also support image sequences and point cloud sequences, with interpolation and tracking features. Furthermore, 2D and 3D data can be labeled simultaneously with our advanced multi-sensor solutions.

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We provide a standard flexible format for each annotation type as described in our documentation. You can use our API and Python SDK to convert this into other formats. Reach out to us for tailored support.

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Yes, we can provide access to workforce with experience on our platform. Alternatively, you can also easily onboard your own labeling workforce and receive a hands-on workshop getting your workforce team up to speed as fast as possible.

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Yes, we've designed with this in mind. We bring the best tools and workflows to whoever needs it.

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The data you share with us will always be owned by you. We do not share your data with third parties, except for agreed-upon workforce purposes. Our terms describe this in more detail.

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We strongly believe in iterative workflows and data-first approaches. You can use our platform to easily select which data to label, fix distribution biases, upload prediction scores and labeling priorities, and so much more.

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