SageMaker Ground Truth Alternative for Lidar Labeling

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Easy set-up

Tired of long manifest files and confusing documentation? offers a simple Python SDK and a clean API. What's more, our documentation will help you set up your lidar labeling tasks in no time. Check out the Python SDK quickstart to see it for yourself.

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Great customer support

Get fast support from competent engineers and submit feature requests to our product team. We love solving your issues and improving our product continuously.

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Pricing that supports scale

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth charges $3.00 per frame (or $1.50 per frame in a sequence). This price does not include labeling services. The final bill thus quickly becomes prohibitively expensive. Get in touch to discuss pricing, and see how we can reduce your labeling costs.

Compare features

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Point cloud segmentation (docs)
Cuboid labeling (docs)
Easy set-up (docs)
Sequence + tracking support (docs)
Keyframe interpolation (docs)
Model-assisted labeling (docs)
Default cuboid dimensions per category (docs)
Sensor fusion
Customizable hotkeys
Pricing that supports scale
Responsive support (email/Slack/Discord)
Influence on feature roadmap

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