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Customers use our platform to build better datasets for a wide variety of use cases: from microscopic imagery to autonomous driving.

Automotive & robotics

Autonomous navigation

Autonomous navigation is indispensable for robots. Full panoptic segmentation labels are key to building scene perception models. has been used to build labeled datasets of street, sidewalk and landscape scenery.

Drone & Satellite

Mapping, inspection and global monitoring

Drone and satellite imagery is often complex, requiring a careful curation of the dataset before model training. has been used to monitor cloud forming, assess agricultural yields and build navigation maps.

Retail & Sports

Tracking and behavioral analysis

New technological advances for in-store shopping require careful consumer tracking. Data-driven approaches are entering the sports industry to improve player performance. Vision-based consumer technologies are advancing thanks to improved mobile hardware. Various related datasets have passed through our platform.

Pharma & Biotech

Microscopical analysis and cell counting

Various pharmaceutical and biotech processes are still based on manual efforts with significant efficiency gains through vision-based technology. For example, has helped build datasets for analyzing complex crystallic structures.

Manufacturing & Construction

Failure detection and damage inspection

Industrial processes require accurate ground truth for failure detection, predictive maintenance and object tracking. has been used to manage waste efficiently and to identify defects in wind turbines, among others.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Visual object replacement and object tracking

Our platform has been used to manage and label large indoor real estate datasets for AR & VR purposes, which often require panoptic segmentation labels to obtain full scene perception.


The computer vision platform to build better datasets iteratively

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