Case study: Brainjar and PCFruit
Cultivating precision in fruit growing with AI

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In fruit cultivation, identifying and counting blossoms plays a pivotal role in predicting yields.

Brainjar, partnering with pcfruit, embarked on a journey to meticulously label an astounding 144,297 blueberry blossoms from 196 images.

Given the intricacy of the blossoms and the sheer volume of data, the dual challenge of cost-efficiency and accuracy was large.


Brainjar chose for its data annotation requirements. The platform’s intelligent labeling tools, such as Superpixel and Autosegment technology, ensured rapid and precise marking of objects.

By integrating their AI model with the already labeled data, Brainjar could upload model predictions back into, reviewing and correcting these into perfectly labeled data.

The combination of ML-assisted annotation with’s annotation services guarantees maximum annotation quality, blending the best of machine precision with human judgment.

Brainjar at a glance

  • Customer since 2022

  • Industry: AI and CV solutions

  • Founding year: 2018

  • Size: 16 employees



We dove into the wonderful world of ML-assisted annotation and chose, a specialized software, as our annotation tool.

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