Propel your AUV to new depths with
multi-sensor labeling

  • Get consistently accurate annotations across time and modalities
  • Get simultaneous labeling to visualize various underwater sensor types
  • Minimize quality checks and corrections with first-pass labeling accuracy

Trusted by computer vision engineers working on UAV

Navigate the depths accurately and efficiently with precision data labeling

In challenging underwater environments, where data noise and resolution can be significant barriers, multi-sensor data labeling facilitates labeling significantly for AUV navigation and object detection. Assure your underwater vehicles discern entities adeptly, from identifying specific objects with known dimensions to safely navigating through the enigmatic underwater realm, prioritizing optimal mission success and AUV safeguarding.

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  • Underwater recovery with iDrogue

Label all your sensor’s data in one interface

Image data labeling interface

Label fast with ML-assisted Superpixels 2.0 or create pixel perfect annotations with Autosegment.

3D Point Cloud data labeling interface

Label fast, accurate and efficiently with ML-assisted features build for and by machine learning teams.

multi-sensor data fusion labeling interface

Overlay 2D Images with 3D Point Clouds to speed the labeling proces. After labeling the 3D Point Cloud, automatically transpose your 3D cuboids to 2D bounding boxes.

Simplify multi-sensor labeling

Say hello to faster labeling, better quality data, and more time for your engineering team.
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