Build better models by
building better datasets

The platform for computer vision experts to iterate more quickly between data labeling, model training and failure case discovery.

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Segments.ai is for anyone building computer vision models and datasets.

Computer vision engineers

Visualize and explore your data, discover your model's failure cases, turn predictions into training data.

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Labeling teams

Leverage ML-powered labeling automation and model-assisted labeling for classification, detection and segmentation

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Data analysis

Debug your data.

Visualize and compare ground truth labels and model predictions. Investigate where your model is working well and where it is failing. Find failure and edge cases through confidence scores and embeddings.

leverage your models

Turn predictions into ground truth.

Get more training data faster by leveraging your model predictions. Use ML-powered tools to verify and correct your predictions.

Active learning

Implement active learning pipelines.

Prioritize which data to label, manually or programmatically. Upload confidence scores and embeddings. Start with a small labeled dataset, and iteratively grow it to production level sizes.

Advanced automation

Label images in no time.

Label objects and regions with a few clicks, assisted by our ML-powered technology. From robotics to microscopic data and from detection to segmentation labels, we've got you covered. Or fully outsource your labeling to us.

Easy integration

Integrate into existing workflows.

You are not building your perception pipeline from scratch. Our API and Python SDK enable a deep and seamless integration of our labeling technology into your existing ML pipelines and workflows.

Powerful management tools

Work together.

Collaborate with your team or onboard an external workforce. Our management tools make it easy to build and review large datasets together.


“The biggest challenge of segmentation-based vision systems is annotation as it's extremely time consuming. Using Segments.ai is as quick as using bounding boxes while giving us pixel-precise ground truth masks. It’s great!”

Paul-Louis Pröve
ML Consultant

Compatible with your favorite tools

Labeling-as-a-service solutions

Prefer to outsource your labeling efforts? We've got you covered.

Let us handle the heavy lifting with our labeling expertise.

Send us your data via the API along with the labeling requirements, and we'll provide you with perfect ground truth data. We're computer vision experts with a soft spot for image segmentation. Contact us to get started!

Instance segmentation

$3.90 / Image

Semantic segmentation

$3.50 / Image


$0.07 / Image
+ $0.07 / Annotation

Bounding boxes

$0.07 / Image
+ $0.07 / Annotation


$0.07 / Image
+ $0.07 / Annotation

* Minimum batch sizes apply. Additional commitment and project-specific discounts are available.

The computer vision platform to build better datasets iteratively

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