Unlock the full potential of your point cloud and camera data
with Segments.ai multi-sensor labeling platform

Data labeling platform

The next-gen multi-sensor labeling platform

Upload your 2D and 3D data and accelerate your labeling workflow to achieve greater efficiency and ensure unparalleled consistency.

  • Project 3D data labels on 2D images
  • Overlay 2D and 3D data sensors
multi sensor data fusion labeling platform for machine learning engineers
3D Point Cloud labeling platform for machine learning engineers

Label 3D Point Cloud of any size in one place

Discover the most intuitive platform for machine learning engineers to create smart workflows and annotate LiDAR and other point cloud data with powerful features.

  • Quickly label dynamic objects with Batch mode
  • Accurately label static objects with Merged point cloud

Label 2D images with automated labeling

Label your camera images smart and efficiently with ML-assisted features and smart sequences.

Label your data with bounding boxes, segmentation, keypoints, polygons, and polylines

  • Segment an image in a few clicks with SuperPixel 2.0
  • Segment fine & small objects with Autosegment

  • Hover & click with the Segment Anything Model
Image labeling platform for machine learning engineers

Data labeling workflows

Data labeling process and management

Efficient and accurate data labeling is essential for training robust machine learning models. Segments.ai not only simplifies the annotation process but also provides powerful tools for managing and optimizing your labeling workflow.

Model-assisted labeling

By leveraging your machine learning models right from the start, you can significantly speed up the data labeling process.

You can iteratively improve labeling accuracy while reducing the overall time and effort required

Python SDK & API

On the Segments.ai web platform you can create datasets, upload samples, create releases and download labels. All of these – and more – can also be done programmatically with the Python SDK.

Data Labeling services

Picture of someone labeling multi-sensor data on a point cloud


Leverage scale and expertise to get your data labeled faster. Each workforce has significant expertise with Segments.ai across a variety of projects and workflows.

Let’s make it happen

Reach out for a personalized demo or to work together on your data labeling workflow. We’re a team of machine learning engineers, looking forward to meeting more machine learning teams and to overcoming together the struggles of training and validating training data.

Bert De Brabandere & Otto Debals

Founders of Segments.ai

Simplify multi-sensor labeling

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