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A few of the labeling agencies we work with

Cogito Tech offers Enterprise Data Labeling Services (EDLS), specializing in data curation and labeling across NLP, Computer Vision & Generative AI. Our commitment to quality and ethical integrity is verified by the DataSum certification, ensuring transparency, ethical sourcing, and the highest data governance standards. This commitment enables us to deliver high-quality, ethically sourced data that you can trust, ensuring compliance, reliability, and effectiveness.

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CloudFactory is a human-in-the-loop AI solutions company, helping AI and machine learning teams accelerate their development cycles to deploy models more quickly and sustain them more efficiently. Together with AI leaders across 700+ companies, they create impactful and successful AI advancements, driving innovation that works — without compromising quality, speed, or the ability to scale.

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Humans in the Loop is an award-winning social enterprise, certified B corp, providing conflict-affected and displaced people with remote digital work and training in the field of data annotation for AI. Recognized by Forbes, MIT Solve, the United Nations Development Programme, Cartier Women’s Initiative, the World Economic Forum and Expo Dubai 2021’s Innovation Impact Program, they are successfully combining a strong business model and a high-impact social mission.

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Infolks Group, one of India’s swiftest expanding business groups, started its voyage in 2016 as the states first data labeling/annotation service provider, with only six employees and now the company has three new separate entities, which provide services in medical data labeling, software solutions, and AI/ML data collection. Our six-person venture currently employs around 600+ dedicated folks.

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