Humans in the Loop

Close the loop for your AI model by automating the retraining process with human feedback

Humans in the Loop is an award-winning social enterprise, certified B corp, providing conflict-affected and displaced people with remote digital work and training in the field of data annotation for AI. Recognized by Forbes, MIT Solve, the United Nations Development Programme, Cartier Women’s Initiative, the World Economic Forum and Expo Dubai 2021’s Innovation Impact Program, we are successfully combining a strong business model and a high-impact social mission.

We function as a hybrid between a B2B outsourcing company and a non-profit foundation. Through our company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, we serve leading computer vision and AI companies around the world by preparing their training data and monitoring their AI systems in real time.

We work in several verticals, including medical imagery, geospatial technologies, automotive AI, smart retail applications, agriTech, and smart industry and manufacturing. This helps to ensure more robust, trustworthy, and representative AI.

We partner with NGOs all over the world to provide these types of work to conflict-affected and displaced communities in order to support them in their livelihoods. Through our foundation, we deliver additional skills training and we support our beneficiaries in their career growth. To date, we have served more than 120 AI companies and we have provided job opportunities to more than 1000 people across Bulgaria, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Portugal, Ukraine, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Yemen.

About Humans in the Loop

  • Founded in 2017

  • Offices in Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Labeling team size: 1,000+

  • Certifications: ISO, GPDR, SOC, B corp

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