Social Impact sourced, Skilled, Affordable, Proven Workforce for Data Labeling, Data Sourcing, Human-in-the-Loop & Content Moderation.

Website: https://objectways.com/

As a robust Social Impact Sourced 1800+ computer vision and NLP specialists, we bring a comprehensive range of expertise in tasks such as LIDAR 3D Point Annotation, Segmentation, Video Labeling, NER, and Classification.

Our partnerships span from promising self-driving startups to the largest automotive and robotics companies, assisting them in generating high-quality training datasets and providing human-in-the-loop solutions for intricate scenarios.

We have recently ventured into generative AI projects, creating image and video captions, among other offerings. We have consistently provided high-quality labeling projects with 99% KPIs for OEMs (Toyota, Nissan), Tier 1 suppliers (Magna), and AV Startups (Luna, Aurora).

We can assure better quality (99%+)and lower the cost with improved productivity and enhanced throughput.

About Objectways

  • Founded in 2018

  • Offices in USA, India and UK.

  • Labeling team size: 1800+
  • Certifications: SOC2 Type2, ISO 127001, ISO 127701, GDPR and HIPAA Compliance

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