Introducing Autosegment

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- February 9th, 2024 - has always been a great tool for creating image segmentation labels; it’s in the name! Our superpixel technology allows you to segment an image in just a few clicks. However, superpixels aren’t well-suited for segmenting fine/small objects, or for segmenting very high-resolution images. That’s why we’re happy to announce a new assistive tool to complement our superpixel technology: the Autosegment tool.

Autosegment for small objects

Using Autosegment is as simple as drawing a box around the object you want to label. The tool will then automatically generate a segmentation mask for the foreground element in the box. Autosegment can handle a wide variety of shapes and is designed to deal with loose bounding boxes. This means you don’t have to draw a perfect bounding box in order to obtain a perfect segmentation mask. Additionally, you can also use the tool in eraser mode to remove (a part of) an object from the active selection.

The autosegment tool is now available in all image segmentation interfaces. If you try the autosegment tool, please let us know your thoughts. That way, we can make our assistive tools even more useful in the future.