Growing and harvesting fruit


Case study: Brainjar and PCFruit Cultivating precision in fruit growing with AI Read more Challenge In fruit cultivation, identifying and counting blossoms plays a pivotal role in predicting yields. Brainjar, partnering with pcfruit, embarked on a [...]

Autonomous rail transportation with OTIV


Case study: OTIV How OTIV is leading the autonomous revolution in rail Read more Challenge Safety, efficiency, and reliability for railway operations are paramount. OTIV is a front-runner in rail technology with assistance, remote operations, and [...]

Semantic motif segmentation


Case study - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice: Semantic motif segmentation of archaeological fresco fragments Read more In the fast-evolving world of computer vision technology, there’s always a tale of innovation waiting to be told. At [...]

Underwater recovery with iDrogue


Case study: Ocius How an autonomous underwater robot is turning noisy point cloud data into crystal-clear 3D locations Read more Challenge iDrogue is a new project led by Ocius. The goal? Capture and release AUVs at [...]

Autonomous lawnmower from Scythe Robotics


Case study: Scythe Robotics Data labeling for Scythe Robotics' precise off-road perception models Read more Challenge Scythe Robotics's autonomous commercial mowers operate on large lawns. They are equipped with stereo camera pairs and other sensors. The objective [...]

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